• Ashley Pagano

It's Release Day for The Gauntlet!

Hidden in plain sight, is a mysterious hotel that doubles as a supernatural refugee: The Soppronaturale.

Each supernatural inhabitant has a specific purpose, job, and destiny.

All to keep the hotel running and its secrets safe.

Vampires exist. Werewolves exist. Witches exist. Shape Shifters exist. And now Faeries exist.

The last two Faeries, once unified, could be the most powerful forces on Earth.

Ommily, newcomer to the Soppronaturale, offensively controls and manipulates the four elements; Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. While Link defensively uses their energy to shield Ommily and himself from even the darkest magic.

They could protect all others. But first, they have to defeat the Gauntlet.


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