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Character Interview with Link Argos from The Gauntlet

Hello there. Welcome and thank you for this interview.

Ahem . . . Hi and you’re most welcome. (He wildly glances around, perhaps assessing where all the exits are)

Shall we begin? (I awkwardly laugh and shimmy to the front of my chair)

(He raises an eyebrow) Of course, go ahead.

I’ll just fire away, then. (I nervously fiddle with my crinkled-up paper, filled with scratchy interview questions). So, can you tell us what species you are? Because, we both know you aren’t human.

Well if you've read the book, you already know all about my magic. (He crosses his arms tightly against his chest and taps his foot).

(Giving me nothing) Moving on. I think it's safe to say that you show some pretty strong favoritism towards Ommily. What's that all about? (I discretely hop my chair forward)

I'm very fond of Ommily. She’s my girlfriend . . . and my soulmate. We’re the only two left of our kind. (He tries to disguise his love-stricken smile)

So, you're actually in love with her? (I try to hide my girlish giddiness)

Absolutely. Falling for her, was the closest thing to love-at-first-sight that I’ve ever experienced.

(Well that was easier than expected) What can you tell me about The Soppranaturale? Some say it isn’t just an old hotel. Some say that it’s a front for something else. Something big.

(He cocks his head to the side) Well you’ll have to book a night to find out.

And what about the Gantlet? The Gauntlet? (I mispronounce it the first time)

Ha ha. (He giggles, amused). I don’t know where you humans get these stories. (He abruptly leans forward, with only his eyes scrutinizing me) If there were such a thing as The Gauntlet, it probably isn’t wise for someone like you to talk about it.

(I uncomfortably loosen my collar around my neck). Changing the subject, can you tell me what other species are living at The Soppranaturale?

I’ll tell you this. If you’ve dreamt about it, if you’ve read a fairytale about it, or if you’ve heard it go bump in the night, then it’s probably been through The Soppranaturale, at one time or another.

(I gulp loudly). So, it’s best for someone like me to steer clear of it, huh?

(He doesn’t answer, he just gives me a chilly once-over).

Ommily has quite a fan base too. Do you ever get jealous of that attention?

(The muscles in his neck and jaw tighten and he clenches his hands into fists) Ommily is mine. No number of doting fans will ever change that.

(I’m not so convinced) Okay. On to the more relaxed questions. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Ha. Ha. It's too long a list for this interview. (He wilts over, relieved, with his elbows on his knees).

Name an item that you like to carry around at all times?

You can’t exactly see it, but it’s with me now. And it protects me . . . from everything except these questions.

Oh, ha. What is your job at The Soppranaturale? (I’ve completely deviated from my paper)

I help manage it. I run the front desk, operations, and concierge. The owner is, ‘like a father’ to me so he trusts me to look after the important things.

If you had to switch jobs with anyone there, who would it be?

I don't trust anyone else to do my job. (He huffs) But if I had to, I guess I’d switch with Phoenix. He’s my best friend. Although, he would probably run the hotel into the ground. But I can certainly tend bar and run the restaurant, like he does.

What is the most beautiful thing about The Soppranaturale?

Its extensive gardens or its mysterious art gallery. You should check it out some time. It may answer some of your questions, all on its own. (He sends me a lopsided grin).

If you could tell your fans one thing what would it be?

(He slits his eyes at me) Things are never what they seem.

Okay, quick before Ashley Pagano catches on. Is it true that Ommily actually saves your life in the book? (I rub my hands together in anticipation)

If we're keeping tally, I think we’ve both saved each other’s lives, more times than I can count. (He holds up a few fingers)

Well it looks like our time is up. Thank you, Link. This has been a very intriguing interview.

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