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I'm in a cook book!

I am so incredibly excited to be a part of this Inkspell Publishing collaboration, just in time for Thanksgiving!

FROM THE HEART features writing advice and delicious recipes from my fellow Inkspell authors and me! I have a hearty, fall, family recipe that I couldn't wait to share along with some personal writing advice.

Pre-order a copy today for only $.99! Available November 1

Food warms the heart. It brings people together as they gather to share in the feast.

Becoming an author does not follow a single route. There are many ways to reach the goal.

Let Inkspell Publishing’s best-selling and award-wining authors tempt you as they share their favorite recipes and writing advice with readers.

Also get a sneak peek at the amazing stories by Inkspell Authors: Liz Ashlee, Melissa Kay Clarke, Pamela Q. Fernandes, KG Fletcher, HC Harris, Scarlett Kol, Mark Love, Tammy Mannersly, Amanda Marin, Alyse Miller, Shilpa Mudiganti, Celia Mulder, Ashley Pagano, Connie Smith, Lisa Voisin, Grea Warner, and Clara Winter

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