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Interview with the Paranormal Huntress "Ryder" from the Never Fear the Reaper Series:

Hello there, welcome, and thank you for the interview.

Ahem . . . I have to admit I'm a bit apprehensive about this interview. (She mumbles a few snooty comments about the poor soul who tracked her down and signed her up for this).

You shouldn't be nervous. If anything, it's me who should be nervous. (Awkward laugh followed by my gaze creeping downward to her metal case holding her deadly Scythe that she's purposely placed within arms length of our chairs). Promise you won't slash me?

(Amused, she raises an eyebrow) I can't be sure until I've heard the questions.

Fair enough. I'll just fire away, then. (Nervously fiddle with the crinkled up paper filled with scratchy interview questions). So what can you tell us about yourself that may surprise us?

Well if you've read the books, you already know about my strange quirks and abilities. (She leans forward, intentionally invading my personal space).

Moving on. I think it's safe to say you show some pretty strong favoritism towards Chase. What's that all about? (Discretely push my chair backward).

I'm very fond of Chase. He's my boyfriend so . . . I ought to be. (She tries to disguise her love-stricken smile).

So you're actually in love with him? (Try to hide my eager, boyish giggles).


(Well that was easier than expected) What can you tell us about the rumors circulating in regards to the love-triangle that has us all gaga and swooning over?

I have more important things to be concerned with than trivial love triangles. Haven't you heard, I've been single-handily saving this world from demons? (Folds her arms tightly across her chest and cocks her head to the side).

What about the scrutiny about yours and Chase's relationship? People are saying it's a bittersweet thing?

Yes, we're either sassing one another, putting each other in their place, or there's fiery, steamy passion. It's challenging, but so is everything else in my life. I need that kind of kick in the ass sometimes.

With all the demon hunting, ghost slaying, and poltergeist exterminating, when do you have time for each other?

All that is four play, mister. (She winks)

(Uncomfortably loosen my collar around my neck). It appears that Chase has quite a fan base also. Do you ever get jealous of his attention?

You obviously haven't met me. I wouldn't consider any of his young lady fans competition.

Do you see a future with Chase? Or with this dangerous career?

He's the only one who can embark on this career path with me. So, yes to both.

Okay. On to the more relaxed questions. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Ha. Ha. It's too long a list for this interview.

Name an item you like to carry around at all times?

(Obviously glances over at her case then back at me).

Oh. Never mind. If you and Chase could go away on vacation anywhere, where would it be?

After all this chaos, we've talked about planning one soon. Perhaps a deserted island, with as minimal people and supernaturals as possible.

If you had to switch jobs with anyone who would it be?

I don't trust anyone else to do my job. (Huffs) But if I have to, I guess Chase could sub in for a day. He's the only one who really understands.

What is your favorite movie?

Lara Croft, Kill Bill, Atomic Blonde . . . catch my drift here? (Sends me a crooked smirk).

If you could tell your fans one thing what would it be?

(Slits her eyes at me) Never disregard the things that 'go bump in the night'.

Okay quick before Ashley Pagano catches on, is it true that Chase actually saves your life in the ending, epic warehouse battle? (Rubs hands together in anticipation)

If we're keeping tally, I think I've saved his life more times than he's ever saved mine.

Well it looks like our time is up. Thank you Ryder. This has been a very intriguing interview.

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